I have a story 'The Four and Twenty' in the first issue of new horror magazine 'Devolution Z'.

Trailer for 'Beware the Little White Rabbit' due for release 14th April

Animated Book cover for Beware the Little White Rabbit

Ray Newe reading my story 'A Few Minutes of Your Time' at the Solstice shorts festival in December 2014

My story 'A Few Minutes of Your Time' was one of the winners of the Solstice Shorts competition and will feature in both the anthology and the Solstice Shorts Festival in Greenwich on 21st December.

He Slashed Some Lines for Whiskers - live reading by Gloria Sanders at Lair's League 14th October 2014

Book of Remembrance announced as winner of Cult of Me short fiction competition September 2014.



Forthcoming stories to appear in anthologies due for publication in 2014

'Black Apples' - Belladona Publications - story by David Turnbull - 'Citizen'

'Girl at the End of the World - Fox Spirit - Story by David Turnbull - 'The Eternal Quest of the Girl With the Corkscrew Hair'


Jun. 12, 2014

New Stories Accepted

The Sound Cyclones - Sensorama - Eibonbvale Press - Ediited by Allen Ashley

Different Dragons 2 - Hargmir, Ghost of Dragons, Wolfsinger Press - Edited by Dana Bell